Routing & Switching

PROBOX understands switching and routing is the core of your network. Using well constructed network design reduces latency and increases the speed of a network to deliver a better performance. At PROBOX we take into consideration a variety of elements when determining which design works best for you such as L2, L3, LANbase, IPbase, redundancy, broadcast domain, collision domain, multicasting, POE, PEO+, stacking, and SFP.

Firewall & network security

Security is very important for anyone relying on technology to handle information. Knowing which High Performance Data Centre Firewall is necessary to fit your site or business means meeting all Network Security requirements. At PROBOX we help you understand, review, and select which options best work out of our world-class security capabilities and configuration options. Whether you need a high performance traditional firewall or a fully loaded next generation firewall there is a plan that meets your needs.

We are here to help design, implement, and support with a high speed network that delivers on both security and performance.