When you have a technology rollout to deploy on a nationwide or global scale, service efficiency is critical. While missed deadlines and un-budgeted project costs are always a concern, they should never be a likely outcome. By understanding the details of the ROOTS Model you can avoid the potential nightmares of project implementation and ensure that your project is completed on time and within budget.

  • The Technology Prerequisite
    Discover what role the knowledge of technology and equipment plays in the overall scope of deploying nationwide and global projects.
  • Components vs. Services
    Understand why components work better as a model for deploying technology solutions than a service-only approach.
  • The Ideal Deployment Method
    Learn which Deployment Method will minimize site visits, costs and time requirements for your projects.

What Are the Benefits of the ROOTS Model?

A unified ROOTS Model comprised of various components detailed which will make the rollout as efficient as possible and offer additional key benefits:

  • Lower project costs
  • Minimize site visits
  • Provide an organizational structure to follow and use for evaluation of company capabilities
  • Accelerate implementation time
  • Cut internal customer management needs
  • Offer scalability and flexibility
  • Quickly identify quality assurance issues and which component they reside in
  • Expedited pre-deployment processes